The World’s Only 300 MPH
Wind-Rated Roof

Tandem 300™ Roof

Tandem 300™ Roof
Tandem 300™ Roof

The Tandem 300™ is a patent-pending metal roof system and is the only metal roof in the world that can withstand 300 mph winds.

Due to its unique patent-pending technology, the Tandem 300™ metal roof can withstand impacts of 4-inch in diameter hail without leaking, where other metal roof systems are limited to an impact of 2.5-inch in diameter hail. The Tandem 300™ comes in R-Panel and standing seam.

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The Tandem 300™ costs less than traditional industrial standing seam metal roof systems. We can also offer a complete daylighting system with the Tandem 300™, saving customers significant amounts of money in electricity costs year after year.


The Tandem 300™ metal roof system offers a complete hurricane strapped roof system unlike all other metal roof systems.