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Metal Roof Daylighting

Before & After Daylighting

See the amazing improvements made using our daylighting systems. The pictures below show the same warehouses before daylighting (on the left) and after daylighting with the EZY Curb™ system (on the right).

Before & After
Before & After

Tandem Roofing utilizes the patented EZY Curb™ skylight system to daylight the interior of commercial and industrial buildings. The EZY Curb™ system has no screws in the lows and does not require a subframe when installed over purlins and web joists. EZY Curb™ systems will not leak.

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Multi-Unit EZY Curb™

The multi-unit EZY Curb™ system allows continuous runs of skylights to be installed allowing for sufficient distribution of light to achieve light levels 3-5 times greater than traditional indoor lighting.


Single-Unit EZY Curb™

The EZY Curb™ standalone unit is made to replace existing fiberglass skylights or to tailor the specific light levels desired inside of a building.